The world is one that’s brought you down, then demonized you, then locked you up, and then laughed at you. The world has ethics now, it doesn’t outright destroy evil anymore. The world hides them away in a caged existence.

The new way to treat evil is to hole them up on an island and control them with the Behavioral Adjustment Neck Device. The construct guards call it a BAND, the prisoners know it’s really a collar. Any violent thought against anyone else wearing a collar results in magical sleep and memory loss. The guards wear them, but theirs don’t have that feature.

This prison, your home, is a nexus of evil men, powerful, but powerless, uncontrollable, but desperate. For the right cause, this place an untapped source for soldiers. For an alienist hoping to summon Cthulhu, it’s the right cause.

The Alienist's Plot