Lance Warcrown

Human Psychic Warrior 3 // Crusader 5


Lance Warcrown was a general in King Leon’s army, infamous for tactical victory and military intelligence. His military prowess helped unify the land south of Hellgate Mountains. Much is owed to his tactical genius, but once discovered the methods of his genius, King Leon quickly relinquished him as a general and assigned him lordship over the hidden city, Aragon, a city of lawful good minotaurs who worship the gold dragon. His methods in battle were always vicious and demoralizing, keeping his prisoners of war in death camps, interrogating and brainwashing his weaker minded prisoners to learn enemy secrets, then returning them to their homes to commit crimes against their loved ones. No captured enemy, regardless of age, gender, or involvement in military activities was spared to Lance’s horror. The rules of war were secretly broken at every expense.

Bitter and powerless, Lance secretly plots against the ideals and values of the minotaurs. He continues to torture and brainwash minotaurs and gold dragons migrating to this city, not for any purpose, but rather for his own amusement. A series of renovations to the city’s central tower have been made to hamper the minotaurs for when he is inevitably discovered and must flee for safety.

Lance Warcrown

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